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Mukka™ Brow Soap

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Just in case you haven't heard about this little old Hollywood-inspired wonder, Mukka™ Brow soap was created to perfect and hold the brushed-up style. Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand or are rocking that bushy look, this brow soap will help you style your eyebrows however you like; whether you want fluffy eyebrows, natural-looking brows, or a more groomed brow look.

Safe ingredients
Our brow soap is chemical-free, made of mild and non-irritating ingredients, and safe to use on your face. 

Its transparent, glycerin-based, and harder, waxy texture will hold your brow hairs firmly in place all day long, even when sweating or in a very humid environment.

Improved texture
The unique, wax-like texture of the brow soap ensures thicker and fuller eyebrows and a long hold without making the hairs look extremely hard and unnatural.

Lightly moisten the spoolie brush with water (or give the soap one spritz of your favorite face mist). A little goes a long way, and you don't want to oversaturate the product, or it won't give you that fantastic hold you desire.

Take your bent spoolie brush and rub into the brow soap until you start to see a paste forming. How much you use depends on your brow hairs – some thicker brows may need more but have a play around to find out what suits.

Brush through your eyebrows, making sure to coat all hairs by brushing in different directions before styling the brows however it takes your fancy!

Now reach for your phone and take a selfie because your brows are killing it.

Site note: don't worry if you feel like your soap brows kit isn't working for you – it can take a little time to work out how much brow soap you need to keep your eyebrows in place. Practice makes perfect.

•25g aluminum tin that can be reused or recycled

• Our newly formulated brow soapStrong styling power favored by pro makeup artists

• Moisturizing and safe ingredients to nourish delicate skin

• Portable packaging that is perfect to pop in your bag

• A bent spoolie brush

• Free dermablade to give your brow the perfect shape

Mukka™ Brow Soap

Why choose us

Our special soap is formulated specifically for use on your brows (as opposed to actual soap). It has better-staying power, won't leave behind any suds or residue, and poses less risk of irritating or drying out your skin. — It offers all the fullness and fluffiness you'd expect. The tin carrying case makes it convenient to store in your makeup bag or stash in your purse for on-the-go touchups. This order comes with one styling soap, a bent spoolie brush, and a free dermaplaning blade.

Day and night modes

With two pulsating modes, the device can be used during the day to help stay focused, relieve stress, and boost the mood. And at night to promote the release of endorphins, relax the mind and body and help fall asleep faster.


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